Saturday, 17 November 2012

A very warm hello.

My first post. This is me paddling in the blogging pool before I've learned to swim.

My never ending journey to self improvement (a little about me & what I'm looking for):
  • I am in that awkward mid-twenties stage where I still get problem skin, but I also have the beginnings of wrinkles to contend with. 
  • I like wearing a lot of make up because that's how I feel comfortable. Thats not to say that I don't like the natural look; I would just need to wear a lot of natural colours for it to feel like it fitted me. 
  • My nails are a horrible brittle, crumbly, flaky, mess. I blame it on my hands being almost constantly emerged in water at my previous job. At the moment I'm hunting for some form of miracle product that will fix them and gently nurse them back to health.
  • I am forever on the search for something that will combat the frizzy disaster that happens north, east, and west of my head
  • Ultimately I am trying to reassure myself that what's happening on the inside will happen on the outside. With that in mind I'm trying to be a bit of a gym bunny, polishing off Hair, Skin, and Nails supplements, and I've recently given up smoking (after 10 years, kill me now), and drinking alcohol in the hope of seeing some benefits in my skin.
I really, really like clothes. And shoes. And jewellery. There may be the odd post about that, too...

So, welcome. I look forward to reading back over this post in a month or two and cringing, massively.


  1. Miracle nail product - Nailtiques formula 2 plus. Amazing stuff. My nails just peel, rip in layers and crumble if I don't use it x

    1. I will definitely be investing in some of that! Thank you :) x