Monday, 19 November 2012

Nails This Week.

A lot of blogs I follow post a nails of the day picture... But I haven't got the patience (or skills) to paint them daily. I tend to choose my outfits for the week, then decide which nail colour would be most suited. What I look for most is staying power. I use base and top coat every time. The ones on this post are new products to me so I can't really comment on how much I like them or how well they work just yet. That will be a post all of its own, later on.

The nail colour itself? It's a Maxfactor Mini nail polish in 26 Cappuccino. The colour is so close to perfect! Bright enough to be fun, and neutral enough to still be professional. I used two coats between Sally Hanson Insta-Grip base coat and a basic Rimmel top coat and the coverage is quite impressive.

I'm not very good at painting my nails so it does kinda look like I put the brush in my mouth, closed my eyes, and aimed it at my fingertips... I assure you, I didn't.

Will it stay put for the week? We'll have to wait and see.


  1. Hi there!
    Firstly, lovely to see a new blog! I hope you're going to like it here.
    Personally, I love this post because I don't think everyone has the time to sit and do their nails every day or two. It's more realistic to see it in terms of weeks. Perhaps you could post a picture of your nails at the end of the week to see how they held up?
    I also like that it's nothing too fancy. I certainly don't have the time/skill to make my nails look awesome all the time and it's nice to see someone being honest when it comes to their nail ability. There are far too many blogs with picture perfect nails - no one does that in real life!
    I really hope you continue to blog and build up a good little bit of the internet here :) If you need any pointers or help or just want to say hi then you can visit my blog and drop me a line by all means!
    Samantha xx

  2. I really like this colour. A good neutral, I think!