Saturday, 29 December 2012

Tick, tick, tick, boom!

I had these little lovelies for Crimbo from my Nanna Moon.

They are Bath Tulips from Bomb Cosmetics. They claim to have up to 4 uses to each tulip! Unfortunately, I have the constant notion that MORE IS BETTER, which is rarely the case, however I still managed to use a half in one bath, instead of a quarter.

So today, I used the one on the far left, the Pearl's a Zinger Tulip. They claim to be a "marvellous moisturising moment"... Ideal for a thirsty winter bod? I was concerned initially when I got into the bath and within about 10 minutes the water started beading off of my skin... I was convinced I'd get out looking like an oil slick. I'm pleased to report that my skin (now dried off and nestled in brand new pyjamas) is super super soft! It's the same kind of softness I'd get from rubbing baby oil into my skin in the shower, and then moisturising - neither of which I've done today...  Hurrah!

Four super soft baths out of £2.99? A steal! Plus *unpopular opinion time* I am not a fan of Lush, I don't find any benefits to the products I've tried, and the smell hurts my brain, but I now get to play bath bomb bingo!**

The Gypsy Rose Tulip is just too adorable.

**Bath Bomb Bingo may not actually be a "thing". I just like to feel like I'm part of something.

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  1. Excellent post, and bloody excellent blog! I look forward to reading more. :) (In particular how you make your hair look so awesome, your Twitter pic gives me massive envy.) x