Sunday, 16 June 2013

My MAC lipstick collection.

When I find a brand I like, I like to get stuck in. That isn't to say that I will swear off all other lipstick brands, but I will generally check Mac to see if they have a version of what I'm looking for first. Why fix what isn't broken and that.

Anyway, meet my babies.

From left to right, we have:
Diva (matte)
Russian Red (matte)
Ruby Woo (matte)
Lady Danger (matte)
Mehr (matte)
Faux (satin)
Myth (satin)

It's a pretty small collection compared to most, but I'm a believer in only buying lipsticks that I'll love. There are a lot more that are on the wish list at the moment. Current funds aren't really permitting a lipstick binge (you can's build a house out of lipstick. I know; I've tried) so they'll be staying on the list and in my heart, as opposed to on my lips for a while longer.

I know it's a terrible picture, and there are no swatches to accompany it, but that's purely because I haven't had time! I'll take swatchy kiss face pictures and either add them on and update this post, or post another.

Are there any MAC lipsticks or other lipstick brands you would recommend? 


  1. Oooh Ruby Woo has been on my "to buy list" for ages! It's such a beautiful colour! I really love the Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick range, their lippies are soft, creamy and glide on like a dream!
    A MakeupHabit

  2. Nope I'm not jealous.. nope... nope.. Okay just a bit! haha
    Wow it's just such a stunning collection!

    Christina xx

  3. I can really recommend the NYX Round Label lipsticks! They're amazing quality, and just £3.50! I don't own any Matte MAC lipsticks yet xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. I am completely obsessed with MAC too. I've been stuck on their eyeshadows and blushes for a while now, I even started venturing into their skincare line!

    I've been toying with the idea of trying out Ruby Woo ever since RiRi Woo has been such a big deal! Great post!! Just followed you on bloglovin :)

    Katie's Beautique

    Katie’s Beautique on Bloglovin’

  5. Lady danger looks gorgeous! :)

  6. i haven't tried any mac lipsticks - i definitely need to though!!

    love your blog, followed!!

  7. EssieButton literally just uploaded her top 5 MAC lipsticks and now I'm reading this, I have so many to add to my wishlist! You can't go wrong with a mac lipstick, the pigmentation is lovely!

    leigh xx

  8. You have some goodies, I have Ruby Woo and adore it! Not heard of Mehr but will have a look next time I'm at MAC

  9. MAC lipsticks are my absolute favourites, I don't have any of the ones you have though. I reeally want to try Russian Red!