Sunday, 2 June 2013

Some things I went and bought in May.

So, the premise of this post was to not clog up blogger and Bloglovin' feeds with a "minihaul" picture every couple of days and get them all in one giant picture heavy post at the end of the month.

The problem is, I didn't take pictures of everything I bought I keep them in a special folder so I could easily add them to this post. I took the odd picture and whacked them on Instagram as I was buying them. As a result, I may have posted about these before, I may not have, and later on I may say that I mentioned something in the May Haul which I didn't... How very straightforward...

Plus, I dont have them all with me at the moment so there won't be much description. If you want any info on anything let me know (twitter/email/comment) and I'll provide as much info as I can!

This is all going to seem pretty eclectically put together because some pictures are from my phone, some are from my camera... I have no concept of how to organise it. It's going to be messy, kids.

On with the show!
TK Maxx: clothes

 Everything £5: Cape. Yep, you heard. CAPE.

 Ebay: Murderdolls t-shirt. Not the best picture but I gave up trying to work out how to get the text the right way around in the mirror. Murderdolls are a band I was a big fan of in the Myspace Days.

 Primark clothes:

Accessories and that:

Left is the headband, featuring my years sans plugs....

And a selection of mini haul pictures, so that means clothes/make up/skin care/some accessories all mushed together in a picture:

 TK Maxx/Fragrance Direct:

Body Shop 40% sale:

Illamasqua 50% sale, including lipstick in action,

Superdrug/New Look mini pay day spree:

Dr. Lewinns': I'm not entirely sure what either of these are, but one was reduced from £36 to £6, and £26 to £6 so I figured they had to be good. Also, delivery was around £3, Royal Mail signed for, and got to be in two days. Brilliant Show Dr. Lewinns!

So. That's most of it, I have an ASOS order on the way (only three things) so I'll post that when it arrives.

Other than that, the spending is being put on hold! We're going to Paris in July, and after that the hunt for a house is on, that calls for an indefinite spending ban.

Unless anyone knows of any bargains...?


  1. Ohhhh, I really need to get to prim ark! Love the top with the bow on top, and the nautical shoes too <3

    Thanks for sending me your link on bbloggers btw :) xx

  2. Ooo that polka dot top from Primark is the cutest!

    Kylie x

  3. I adore those pumps and that watch is adorable!


  4. That dress from TK max is so fab and such a bargain. I always find in TK Max you find incredible bargains and finds or nothing at all! Love the blog!