Friday, 11 January 2013

Bleach; it'll take off more than germs.

So, I've had the week off what with it being my birthday and all (expect anti-aging product reviews soon), and so I've been lumbered with the ever glamorous task of cleaning the house.

I don't mind cleaning the house, I like to don my rubber gloves and frilly apron, pop all of my hair into a turban and scrub away in full make-up, pretending it's 1956.

On this occasion, something went awry. Something went very, very awry. I still wore my rubber gloves, and I (as usual) followed the instructions on the bottles (mainly because I'm a bit scared of passing out from fumes and being found facedown in a bowl of grubby water when my boyfriend comes home).

But, after cleaning the skirting boards with my bowl of 1:4 bleach and water I removed my gloves to make tea and have a cigarette - I've fallen off the wagon - to discover my nails had been RUINED. Even through the gloves.

RUINED. I have super sensitive nails as it is, always flaking or peeling a little, but I don't think I've ever seen them this bad. It's such a shame because they were a decent length and it a decent condition too. I have stubby little fat boy hands so I rely on my nails to feel a bit more feminine.

Of course, I immediately ordered OPI Nail Envy which should be here within the week. In the mean time, I rummaged through my existing nail products and emerged with these:

I'm not holding out any hope. I've started the Rimmel 14 day Nail Rescue and I'll see it through to the end in the hope that maybe, just maybe, I've found a miracle that can be applied with a brush. Along with that, I'm using an amalgamation of the Avon Marine Strength nail oil, and Argon Oil (not pictured). I'm also using Flexitol Cuticle And Nail Cream to prevent my cuticles drying out from the various nail products.

Not my picture believe it or not, but that's it nonetheless. This stuff is actually a godsend. I always have a tube in the emergency beauty bag I have in my handbag, and it smells so... innocent?

Anyway, along with these I always have hand cream in reach and I'm back on the Calcium, Biotin, and Perfectil suppliments.

Fingers crossed.

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