Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My ultra boring every day eye make up (& sneaky OOTD)

Yesterday my chap and I decided to go to Techniquest! If you're not familiar with Techniquest, it's basically an interactive science museum aimed at children. But who isn't a child at heart?
While getting ready, I decided to hop on the "daily make-up" bandwagon, and document my basic eyeshadow routine.

I used my Too Faced Fun In The Dark palette, which I got from Ebay for about £8 quite a while ago!

This is basically a step by step guide for make up idiots, because I have no idea what I'm doing with it. On with the show!

So these are the brushes I use. None of them are anything special, they do the job and thats all I want. The one on the left is an Avon Blending Brush that was a freebie about 8 years ago, next to that is a Topshop Eyeshadow Brush, and then on the right is a Bourjoir Smokey eye, or eye crease, or creasey eye or something sexy sounding.

I use them in that order too, so I shall call them brush 1, brush 2, and brush 3. 

I use brush one in the lightest shade in the palette, called Pin Up. I give it a good swirl, tap it on the back of my hand and then sweep it all over the eye, from brow to lashes.

Easy peasy. 

Step 2 is where we use Brush 2. For the purpose of this post, I am using the pinky eyeshadow from the palette, which is called Peep Show. Again, swirl and tap. This one I usually apply from the crease to about halfway up to my eyebrow. Think the width of the brush. 

The third step in my eyeshadow routine is done with brush 3. Are we sensing a pattern? For this, it's the dark shade called Full Frontal. Same rule applies: swirl in the shadow, tap on the hand. I run this along the crease, trying to take it a little higher toward the outer corner. 

 Then, to confuse matters, we return to brush 1. I buff out the brown shade by working the edges in tiny circles from the inside to the outside, then if I need too I'll use the same brush to highlight the lid and browbone in the same pale shadow that I started with in step one.
And that's the eyeshadow look done! You can always go heavier, use a darker shade, or take it further down onto the lid if you prefer a smokier eye, but for me, this is enough for daytime or any time I would need to look professional, without being overdone. 

To finish everything off, i just get on with lining and mascara-ing. I haven't included these steps because I'm not confident that I'm good at them, (and if it goes wrong make up products tend to go flying across the room). This is what I'm using to do that at the moment anyway:

 Eyeliner: Chanel Liquid eyeliner, Revlon Colourstay Kohl Eyeliner (I think)

Mascara: Benefit They're Real! Side note: I hate this mascara and I absolutely cannot wait until it is used up.

The result.

And a cheeky OOTD because why not?


  1. Make up looks great :)

  2. Aww you look so pretty! That palette looks well loved :)
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  3. You look fab, I love your style! I just love Too Faced products, the packaging is adorable as well as their products being fab quality too xxx

    ❤ ❤

  4. I'm not a fan of They're Real either! I find it makes its way down my face verrry quickly for a higher end mascara - disappointing!

    Kate x

  5. You look absolutely beautiful! I don't like They're Real either, it makes my eyes sting!

    Jennie xo |