Wednesday, 15 May 2013

What I did with my Mayday Bank Holiday Weekend (OOTD's)

This is really a self indulgent post more than anything else...

So nearly ten days ago we had a loverly three day weekend, which I took full advantage of. The sun was shining so we took the opportunity to explore some of the places for walking in our area.

On Saturday, we climbed the hill behind my house, affectionately known as "the mountain" or it's real name, Mynydd Dinas.

 This was the view from about a third of the way up, It's mostly the Steel Works, far too sunny to actually make out the beach alongside it.

 We discovered one of many hidden waterfalls!

 And battled with a boggy patch of mountain. I'm not entirely sure I won.
RIP Fred Perry's.

Looking at something like my little town as a whole, from above kind of puts things into perspective. It's not all bad.

After a quick rest we made our way home so our shoes could dry out!

On Monday, we went to a park called The Gnoll in the next town.
First things first: a terrible terrible attempt at OOTD, and a squinty FOTD. It was super sunny!

Some examples of the lovely outside world.

Ryan was particularly taken by the trees with exposed roots. 

Some of the trees that had fallen down or had been cut back had been turned into benches and footstools! Fab idea. I'd been walking for about 2 hours by this point so that was welcomed and I very nearly had to be physically removed from the bench when it was time to move on.

There were also lots of sets of these lovely staircases, set into the side of slopes. So, natch I had to do a little jump.

To round off the weekend, our lovely friends The Tudors invited us around for a a BBQ to enjoy the evening sun and a boatload of meat... They didn't even want us to help with the washing up. Hostests with the mostests.

What did you get up to? Are there any Bank Holiday activities you make a tradition of?

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