Sunday, 5 May 2013

OOTD: Dungarees.

Okay, so these pictures aren't great. I'm not good with OOTD posts because I feel awkward, and not in the adorable way most fashion bloggers seem to be able to pull off. Mine is more awkward in the "is there anyone here looking after you, dear?" kinda way.

Anyway, on with the show. The first picture was a taster I put on Instagram in the morning to test the waters. This was Friday by the way, just in case anyone has seen me mooching about the house in my pyjamas today and decides to call me up on my apparent lies.

Cherry necklace - Ebay, about a year ago. 
Blue stripy tie front shirt - River Island, again abut a year ago.
Dungarees - Sport Direct Ebay Outlet - October 2012 (£50 down to £5!)
Leopard Print scarf - gifted
Brown ankle cowboy boots - River Island, again, old stock. 

Very much into shopping the stash when it comes to clothes. 

Another picture - taken after work, after I'd been in the outfit for about 13 hours. I'm covering my mouth because I was trying Apocolips again. I tried so hard to love it but it just doesn't work for me. It was all over my face so I had to hide it. I'm going to have to donate it to someone else, if anyone will take it.

All in all I'm pretty impressed with how it came together. And how tall I look! I'm 5"1 really!

I also bought these cute cut-off dungarees a few weeks ago:
They were about £20 from H&M in Cardiff. I hate my legs, more so than usual at the moment. I seem to have put on a bit of weight, which doesn't sit well on my chunky trunks and as a result they look all cottage-cheesy. I'm working on getting them a bit less wobbly, but in the mean time if I wear it, I'll be chucking on some tights underneath!

Bonus point if you know the t-shirt!

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