Thursday, 14 March 2013

Fingertips of a Femme Fatale.

Look at that colour. Aint she a beaut'?  I'm aware I can be more than a bit of a Negative Nancy where most products are concerned but I think my love for this nail polish can easily make up for any misery-tainted-past-posts!

It's L'Oreal Colour Riche in 403 Femme Fatale and it had me at the bottle. I always (where available) opt for a travel size over a full size were nail varnish is concerned, I get bored very easily, wasting my money isn't what I'm about.

It took two coats to become thick, opaque, and beautifully glossy. I didn't need to do any tidying up! The formula seemed to be magic on my fingers, knowing which gaps to fill, and where to not go. It wasn't the fastest drying polish I've ever tried but I can make my peace with that for a finish like this.

It lasted full and intact for about 4 days before my index finger chipped... When I went to pull off the shard of polish that was sticking out at an angle I managed to pull the entire finger off in one sheet! Not to everyones taste I understand, but for me that is a quality nothing short of glorious. The rest of the polish followed swiftly after and I was left sitting at my desk with a fingernail shaped pile of red next to me, and super clean fingernails.


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