Monday, 11 March 2013

My very first Essie experience.

I know, I know, you're all tearing your hair out, screeching at the screen "WHAT! How? Why!?"

To put it politely, I just don't care for nail varnish too much. I'd love to just wear glitter constantly, day in, day out. Alas, my nails are everything nails shouldn't be and it just doesn't work.

My second favourite thing to wear on my nails is pastel pink. It not very me, but I think it's classy and I can't get enough. So, I thought Essie's We're In It Together would have been perfect.

I hated everything about it. I'm usually fairly messy with my nails, slapping it on and if I get specks places other than my nails, it's usually my fault and I can deal with that. The consistency of this was.... Weird. I painted it onto my nail, carefully, and then it just oozed off, over my cuticles and fingertips. Attractive.

Also, it took two or three coats to look like the colour in the bottle. And when it dried it went all bumpy, which is normally a sign I need to throw that particular bottle away.... You can kind of see what I mean on my thumb in this picture:

Not cool. I have another Essie polish in my drawer called Ballet Slippers, I believe. I may give that a go, but I'm entirely underwhelmed by my first Essie experience.

Was it something I did wrong?

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  1. no essie nailpolishes are EXTREMELY hit or miss for me. ive tried some that i absolutely adore and some that are complete crap. i dont know why they dont just stick to one formulation