Sunday, 24 March 2013

Tweezy (Like Sunday Morning).

I hate Sundays. 98% of the time I have to be in work in under 24 hours, and its also a whole day closer to Monday than Saturday is.

But, being the mature grown up that I am I suck it up and get on with my life and try to enjoy the time I get to spend at home with all my lovely things... I have a Sunday ritual, I'm sure we all do! Throughout the week I'll continue to moisturise, and apply pore strips and facemasks and keep everything in working order, but Sunday is the day it all comes together and it's like pressing the reset button in order to be brand new and shiny for a miserable Monday morning.

It feels as though this may become a series! The Sunday Ritual Series... Stay tuned!

Today's ritual is the art of the eyebrow. I love time dedicated purely to removing unsightly hair and reshaping my eyebrows to within an inch of their existence. If I'm feeling super lazy, I'll combine everything and usually end up tweezing half heartedly in the bath, with a face mask on. Other times, on days like today, I'll stem my face for 5-10 minutes with boiling water and a few drops of tea tree oil, then pop a pore trip on my nose (and my chin if needs be) and get to work.

I use a magnifying mirror to get every little hair. It's difficult because, as I'm sure all my fellow ginger headed blonde facial haired babes will confirm, I have standard eyebrow hair, but along with that I have really fine, really infuriating white blonde hairs that look like peach fuzz. They hurt like absolute Heck to tug out, even with the steaming.

If I can be bothered with the fiddling of heating and keeping it hot then I use this thing of beauty to get the peach fuzzies.
Picture courtesy of Google.

If I'm just wanting to get in and get it done then this is my kit of choice:

The scissors are fantastic. I think it's important to keep eyebrows from looking unruly. If they're perfectly plucked but long and straggly and forming their own combover then it ruins any look you were originally going for.

Top tip for avoiding any redness immediately after plucking: pop some Benefit BooBooZap on a cotton bud and run it over the newly exposed skin. Unf. So soothing.

Do you have a set date or time do certain things? Or any sunday rituals  (that I can "encorporate" into mine)?

C x

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