Monday, 4 March 2013

It's serum. Serum for your eyelashes.

I am a sucker for anything that promises impossible results.

It is - drdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdr - Renewal Lash Serum by L'Oreal Paris. On second thoughts, that drumroll didn't translate too well into writing.

I have used this before and saw no results, but to be honest I wasn't looking for them. I saw a bucket of them reduced from something obscene like £11 to £3 in Tesco's so, naturally, my thought process was "well, that was certainly not a memorable product. I will spend my hard earned money on another." And I think I'm glad I did!

My eyelashes are blonde. Like, if I haven't got mascara on, you can't see them. I've noticed the ends are looking more... fluttery and full after using this for a just a week! I read somewhere that you could get thicker lashes from putting vaseline on them before bed, which I did every night for maybe a year. The only thing I noticed was the slight dent appearing in the top of my vaseline.

It's an odd wand, kind of like a sideways smily face. The serum itself is a pretty standard serum consistency, and a pretty standard serum milky white colour. The unusual thing I've noticed, both times I've bought it is that I can't actually find any instructions... I'm layering it on prior to bedtime and just letting it work it's magic. If anyone knows how to actually use it and could give me any tips, it would be appreciated....

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