Monday, 25 March 2013

Wish Upon A Breakout

Before I start let me make a disclaimer.  I am a huge fan of Soap & Glory, huge fan. My go to shower gel and body scrub are both S&G products and I can't see that ever changing.

I don't generally get breakouts. And by generally, I mean ever. I mean I will get the odd spot, but that is literally it, one. And it will usually be on my chin or jaw line as a result of drinking too much alcohol, ...and I rarely drink any alcohol. So, I am panicking at what I am experiencing, and I don't know what to do to fix my skin.

Wish Upon A Jar is a 21 day collagen overhaul moisturiser. The S&G websites says:

"Our unique formula contains a potent mix of shea butter, tetrapeptides, antioxidants and oxygen boosters to help boost moisture levels, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, brighten tired skin and hide flaws."

 My fine lines are not smoothed, my face is glowing red and in short I look like a pizza. 

Did I mention how I never get breakouts?!

I emailed S&G to ask advice. I had a very contradictory email back that basically said it was too potent for my skin, which I don't entirely believe because my fine lines haven't improved in the slightest.

This is how much I had used during the 21 days:

And this how it applies - super thick.

It smelled like chocolate orange so I'm super sad that it didn't do as it was supposed to on my poor little face.

If anyone else has had a problem with this I would love to hear about it.... Alternatively if anyone could suggest any way to speed up the healing process or a tried and tested method for getting rid of spots please bring that information to my attention!

Charlotte xx

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