Monday, 11 March 2013

Really, really, late February empties and a beauty Haul.

First up: empties.
I'm not going to list everything, it's all pretty self explanatory boring stuff!

Gee whizz, that's more than I thought it was. That's the problem with keeping your empties in a box under the bed and slotting any new ones in through the top. You never get to see the mountain grow. That is not a saying. I should probably delete that. There is no need for it.

Special shout out to these things I'm tossing, too:

It's a shimmery body lotion that smelled really pleasant when I first bought it, but I recently rediscovered it and realised it had started to smell like fish. A little lesson for all of us there, body lotions are unlikely to keep phresh (yep. Phresh.) for five years while hiding out in a drawer. The grotty rag it's hiding in has been my make up bag for equally as long, but I've recently treated myself to a new one so bye bye bacteria.

And now. The exciting bit. My beauty haul! This is what I indulged in during a trip to Cardiff two weeks ago.

Waaaaah so many beautiful things! I'm particularly excited about trying out the Aveda goodies, in an attempt to tame my unreal amounts of ginger frizz...

Look. Look at it shining in all its glory. A true king of the jungle.

Something else I got as well was this Ollie & Nic bag. While not strictly a beauty item, it was an anniversary gift from my chap. And I absolutely adore it!

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