Friday, 8 February 2013

Apocalips... ApocaMISS more like.

Do I need to include a picture? Everyone who's not been living under rock (or meteor would maybe be more fitting?) since the start of 2013 knows what Rimmel Apocalips is. Here's a picture anyway.

Now, here comes the disclaimer. I am not a fan of lipgloss. I hate it, in fact. I find it slimy and annoying and it sometimes makes me gag. I was thrown by the title of this; "Lip Lacquer" it says. I thought it would be a dupe of the YSL Vernis a Lévres (or is it Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Lévres? Effort!) Sadly, that it really was not.

I wore Apocalips to work today. I'd entirely wiped it off by lunchtime. I'm going to relive my first impressions for you.

Hand swatches. First Impressions: WOAH look at that incredible colour and how heavily pigmented it is!
With flash.

Without flash.
 And now what is looks like on. It's really messy in the pictures because I found it really messy to apply. It all makes sense. 


The picture on the top illustrates perfectly why I don't like gloss. See on the right side on my mouth, as I'm opening it you can see the lip gloss is sticking to itself and you can see it parting! EW. Eeeew. 

I waited for it to set. And waited. And waited. It dried slightly... and dried my lips out to boot! 

The worst part about it for me is the staying put power. I don't remember the last time I woke up and thought to myself "today is definitely a smudgy lipstick day". I like my lipstick to stay on my lips and go nowhere else. Which meant I was ultimately disappointed when this happened:
Thirsty Moz, taking a sip of tea.

Perhaps even worse than that (I've just remembered) is that it smells like old people. Yeah that's right. It's like someone bottled Nanna. 

So to conclude:

Did anyone else dislike it? 


  1. I agree, I was definitely disappointed with the staying power of these. I had envisaged them to be a gloss-stain hybrid. They are gorgeously pigmented but no good for a long day at work or a night out. Boo x

  2. this is refreshing to see a post about how someone didnt like it :)
    havent come to america yet so i couldnt tell you my opinion

    new follower :) :)

  3. Great review! It made me giggle! but I totally agree with you it was 'blah' at it's very best and I hated the smell and therefore taste of it! Glad someone has admitted to it too! :)

    Siobhan xxx