Sunday, 10 February 2013

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara - first impressions.

This is a post that has been lurking about, waiting to be posted since snow day (in the third week of January). So, first impressions will be coupled with current opinion.

I got this mascara in the S&G massive christmas gift thing they did at christmas. Someone must have told santa I like them because I got three. THREE. I'm good for bath stuff until christmas 2013.

This is what the mascara looks like.

I prefer a plastic bristled brush (my ultimate favourite mascara currently stands as Maxfactor False Lash Effect, and has done for the past 6 years or so), or at least a small brush. I didn't have very high hopes when I saw it wasn't plastic, and the brush was giant. Like a hairbrush. For your eyes. Oh my word, remember hair mascara? Such dark days.

I digress.

This is how my stubby little eyelashes look post (some jolly terrible) make-up, pre-mascara application.

And this is after:

I've noticed recently that it needs a good couple of coats to look like this, but there's very little clumping so it's not too bothersome, unless your time is limited. I'm a fan of anything that makes me look like I have eyelashes so I can honestly say I was impressed by this, especially as I'm not ordinarily a fan of the type of brush.

Finally here's a full face before and after:

It's a good job I like it seeing as I have another two to get through!


  1. Your Soap and Glory letter clearly made it to Santa ;-)
    I got one of the beauty bags for Christmas too (just one!) and am trying Thick and Fast. I like it, but not sure I'd pay £10 for's not that expensive for mascara but I've used cheaper with similar effects. Looks great on your lashes!

  2. I have thia mascara! Its definately one of my top three :)!