Sunday, 3 February 2013

January All Gone's (vol II)

I did a mini empties post on snow day... Of stuff I used up that day.

Other than that, January has been a lucrative month for using up products. I don't know why but I get a sense of satisfaction of using something up and then throwing it away. I feel fulfilled by the emptiness (of the product). Is that normal?

These are the victims this month:

 A nice little mixture.

Make Up:

Both manky, both been on the go for a lawng, lawng time.

I don't really know where perfume fits so it's going in with make-up.

Face Stuff:  

I am distraught about finishing Dermalogica microfoliant - My budget isn't allowing me to repurchase just yet. I had a different microfoliant in a Glossy Box to keep me going for a bit... Stay tuned!
I am in no way distraught about finishing the Clarisonic face wash. What noise is a face wash that isn't creamy and/or doesn't foam? Really? What enjoyment am I supposed to get out of that? It didn't even make me feel clean! 

Hair Stuff:

I used the Vitapointe leave in conditioner as an overnight leave in treatment. It was nice. Glad to be done with it though, it smells like old people.
Toni&Guy hairspray on the other hand, smells amazing as you would expect.
With the Studio Hot Straight, I've used it since school whenever I straighten my hair. I can't remember what it's like to straighten my hair without using it so I'm not repurchasing it just yet in order to re-educate myself.

That Tresemmé hairspray? Yeah super crispy results with that. Funny story actually. Me and my brother had to take down a monster wasp (we measured it after, it's face was the size of a 5p) and this was one of the weapons we used. It was my brothers but I laid claim to it post-wasp.

Body Stuff, Wet:

All pretty self explanatory. Body wash, body wash, bath foam, body scrub. If you like the smell of grapefruit get involved with the Anatomicals don't just clean it woman, scrub it. MMMF. Everything pretty much did it's job. Nothing is my new favourite, nothing made me angry. Happy days.

Body Stuff, Dry:

Just a whole load of body lotions. I dislike the Nivea Creme, so my trick for using up moisturisers I don't like is to use them with moisturising socks on my tootsies.

Special mention to the products I haven't finished but I'm throwing away anyway:

The Amplified Manic Panic toner is going because I have no use for it anymore. I used to use it when I had a chunk of blonde at the front of my hair (see below) and it was wonderful for dulling any orangey tones, but I've stopped bleaching it in order to keep it in as good condition as possible. I've bought some blonde extensions to clip in when I fancy it instead. 
Example of "the blonde bit". I miss it.

The L'orial Nude Magique BB Cream is going because quite frankly it's utter tosh. Here's a cheeky peek at the application:

It comes out pale, almost grey. When you rub it in it goes.... Orange. Literally orange. This is the one for fair skin as well! What the what. Am I using it wrong? Does it work for anyone else?

Any recommendations based on this months empties?

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