Sunday, 24 February 2013

Why I love my heated rollers (and how they work for me).

DISCLAIMER: As you get further into this post, it appears I am getting further toward being naked. This is not the case. In the pictures that look as though they would be on an altogether different website if I'd angled the camera down a little, I am clad in a lovely warm white towel which is just out of shot. I promise. 

My hair is huge. It's "curly".... It's a giant ginger frizzy disaster. This is my hair right now, currently in the process of air drying:

It's blurry, and I'm not wearing any make up, but you can kinda get the gist! She's big. She's still super damp there and as she gets dryer she gets wider.

I love curly hair, and I love my hair being curly, but I have to use some form of curling tool to make it work for me... I need to tame the beast. My weapon of choice at the moment are Babyliss Thermo Ceramic Heated Rollers.

These are mine:

Whenever I curl my hair, along with heat protection I use this spray by Trevor Sorbie. It makes my hair go crispy before I actually add the heat which may not be great for it, but hey, it works!

The beautiful thing about these rollers is there is a layer of what feels like velvet (but probably isn't) on the outside of them, so you aren't putting the heat directly onto your hair, like you would be with curling tongs or a curling wand. Which leads on to another plus.... No nasty burning smell lingering about on your hair! Top banana!

Tangent: Does anyone else notice the smell really strongly the first shower you take after you've heat styled your hair? Is that just me? It makes me gag a bit.

I like the funny shaped metal clips that you slip over the top of them instead of the full on bulldog stylie clips that also come with them. I don't really follow a setting pattern... At all. I just grab a chunk of hair and roll it up in an appropriate size roller (it comes with three different sizes!) and generally end up looking like this

Looks messy, no? That's the glorious thing about these rollers! You have to brush out the curls at the end (I favour a decent brush out) so knock em up any old shape! I leave them on while I do my make up, moisturise my bod, and have a cup of tea and a couple of hundred biscuits. It says you only need to leave them on for 20 mins or until cool but I like to make the most of it. 

Unroll, unroll, unroll, and you have giant 80's drag queen hair. Like this.

And that's where the beauty of brushing the curls out comes in. Post brushing out, I'm usually left with this:

The difference is subtle but it is definitely there.

And just for good measure, here's what they look like when you add clothes to the mix! 

I look a little bit like a balloon headed dead body without lipstick on.

There we go. I love them. They transform my frizz ball from rad 60's hippie dude, to voluminous hair, actual hair!

Do you use anything different with yours? Or do you favour a different heat styler?


  1. Your hair looks amazing! So voluminous and glam. I have the Enrapture heated rollers which make my hair look so nice but then the curls drop within around 2 hours :( so disappointing, perhaps it is my hair?! x

  2. I need these in my life, I have a wand but it makes my hair smell and they drop and don't really add a lot of volume to my hair :( How much were these love? xx