Thursday, 7 February 2013

Is this the ultimate MLBB lipstick? I think it might just be.

OH GLORY. I feel my search has come to an end. Every girl has an obsession that borders on sickness. (One of) mine was hunting down the perfect "My Lips But Better" lip shade.

I wanted a lipSTICK. Not gloss. Not balm. Not butter. Not stain. Not even balmstain would do. I wanted a reliable lipstick that I knew I could always fall back on. My security-stick if you will.

...Take a seat. I don't think you're ready for just how perfect this is.

Now, I hate visiting the Mac counter. And the Mac shop for that matter. But this was so worth it! I love a matte lip colour and as much as I don't rate Mac cosmetics I do think they do Matte Lipsticks better than any other. The shade is Mehr... I don't really know how to pronounce it so I've been referring to it IRL as "MRRRGH". They'll know what you mean.

So how does it look on? Well the lighting isn't great but...

I literally couldn't love it any more. It's not possible. My heart has been replaced by this lipstick.

Do you have a favourite MLBB shade or do you favour a brighter lip?


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  1. oh this is rather nice! I love this kind of shade although I am a sucker for a bright lip x