Sunday, 10 February 2013

GlossyBox - February edition.

It's a hmm month. I don't hate anything I received. I'm not overly excited by anything but It's all very suited to me, and I shall use it.

So, we have a Miners lipstick, Balance Me Rose Otto Body Cream sample, MeMeMe Beat The Blues highlighter in Oyster Gold, Mica Bella mineral eyeshadow, and Figs & Rouge lip, face, and body balm.

I also got a heart shaped lollipop. I initially thought it was a GlossyBox condom (also V-Day appropriate one thinks) was the stick poking out of the bottom that finally gave it away. It's a lovely touch, but no e was shattered when I opened the box so I'm sad to say I'll be disposing of it.

What did you get in yours? Am I going to be jealous?

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