Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Spot Of Bother.

This is a selection of the products that I've poured all my time and energy into for the past month, trying to rectify the damage that Wish Upon A Jar did to my skin.

Along with these I tried the old Toothpaste trick, various face masks, Clean & Clear Double Action moisturiser, and I changed my skincare routine entirely to one for spot/blemish prone skin. 

After all that I feel I now know what the only healer for my skin is: time. There has been no difference while using these products, at all. Is that because the kind of blemishes that the moisturiser caused were mainly giant under skin lumps? Maybe those aren't the type of spots that these are designed to help? I've had a crazy period of stress at work during that time too and I'm sure that didn't help. 

It's only now, almost a full month later that they are starting to subside and I'm starting to feel like myself again. I've bought about 8 new foundations and BB creams in that time, which is really saying something, considering I don't wear foundation unless it's for a special occasion or I know that there are going to be important pictures taken. 

Of course, with me being the type of person that I am, I will still continue to buy acclaimed wonder products whenever I have a break out, forever searching for that wonder product that might just be answer.

Has anyone found anything that works for this type of spot?

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  1. It sounds like you had some cystic spots. I get one pop up from time to time, but when I had them quite bad a few years ago the only thing that could get rid of them for me was antibiotics from my GP. Benzyl peroxide also helps from my experience too but only milder forms (I use 2.5%) or else they will dry out your skin very badly. You can ask for it behind the counter at Boots xx