Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I have making up to do...

I bought all of these some time ago. Well, last week. I couldn't help myself; a little Easter gift/payday indulgence never hurt anyone!

The budget has taken a serious blow this month though, I need to write a wish list and buy nothing that isn't on there. Maybe in May? ;)

Shoddy picture, I know, know!

So this is what I got!

-Essie in Fishnet Stockings (which I'm currently wearing, have reviewed and love),

-Superdrug Eye Make up Remover & Cleanser (for the make up brush cleaning sessions),

-Revlon Nearly Naked foundation,

-Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum (which I LOVE! I've already reviewed it!),

-MUA porpoise base eye make primer,

-Collection Lasting Perfection concealer which I went to FOUR shops in search of because it had sold out. Everywhere.

-Estée Lauder Double Wear lipstick in... Some shade of red...

-Estée Lauder double wear liquid eyeliner which I love already! It's the only one I've used in a long time that's a competitor for the Collection liquid eyeliner which name I can't remember....

-Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder a another difficult one to lay my sweaty palms on.


I have 4 more things planned or buying this month. I'm sure that haul/those reviews will pop up as and when too.

Oh boy. I really do like buying things.


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  1. Hi Charlotte! I use Frizz-ease curl controller gel on my hair. You just need a blob of it, run it through your hair and then blast with the hair dryer as usual or let it dry naturally if you have the time. It doesn't make my hair crunchy, just soft and curly and manageable :) x