Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Sunday Rituals (Vol II): Epilation Station

The second in the Sunday Ritual Series... Also the second post on hair removal. I'm slightly concerned that everyone will start thinking I'm a lot hairier than is normal, which is not the case! It's just happened that way.

So, this is my least favourite thing to do on a Sunday - challenging the Epilator.
There she is, the devil beast. Mine is a Braun Silk-Epil Xelle. Sounds luxurious no? 
First off, for anyone who has lived a comfortable life I'll cover briefly what epilating entails. Basically, you plug that little machine in, and run it over your hairy bits (a bit like a ladyshave) and instead of cutting the hair at the surface of the skin it pulls it out at the root. The teeth at the top are essentially hundreds of little tweezers that spin really quickly, grabbing any hair that's in its path.

This one has a "smart light" that automatically turns on when the device is turned on and highlights any hair that has been left behind. 

It's not comfortable. When you start out, the first time, it is the worst pain in the world. It's not made any easier by the fact that it's something you are controlling, and it's going to last however long you make it.  It also attacks a smaller surface area at any one time than waxing does, but it is a lot less traumatic on the skin.

My routine. 
No matter how much I try, it still doesn't count as pampering.

I will usually bathe first, and exfoliate well. I've found it hurts less after bathing than before. Is there science behind that? I don't know. Anyway. Post bathing, I'll dry my legs thoroughly, put one up on a chair, grit my teeth and switch it to "optimal". It's important to run against the direction of hair growth, and it's only since doing this routinely I've discovered that leg hair does not just run up and down, no sir! Some is diagonal, some is horizontal. I find it easier to treat them in sections so I can get as much off as possible. It usually takes around 20-30 minutes to do both legs, and you're not guaranteed an entirely smooth finish but I like it because I only do it every other Sunday and there is no need for me to do anything hair-removery in-between. If it's a special occasion, I'll run over my legs with a razor to ensure smoothness but that's just my paranoia. 

The only issue I've found is that it can cause quite a few ingrown hairs, or hairs trapped just below the surface of the skin. But, I'm fairly sadistic and I enjoy nothing more than taking a tweezers to them and yoinking them out. Using Boots Smooth Care Ingrown Hair Minimiser has reduced the amount by quite a lot though, so I don't get to have as much fun as I used too. It doesn't itch as much as it used too when the hair starts growing back either, score!

It's just a clear liquid I rub on after epilating and before moisturising. I carry on using it every other day in between sessions as well. 

Once, I started to feel slightly over confident and decided to give it a go on my underarms. 

Let's just say that decision is not one I'll be making again in a hurry. I spent the entire Sunday night with bags of frozen veg under my arms. What you see in the above picture is actual blood.

Do you have any tips for using an epilator? 
What is your preferred method of at home hair removal?


  1. Oh this has just terrified me, I'll definitely be sticking to shaving. You are one very brave girl! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  2. OwwweeeEE! Your poor pits!
    I overdid the hair removal cream in that area yesterday. Blimmin' hek they're sore today.

    Jules aka @Flabbyface Found you via bbloggers chat

    Off to nosey at the rest of your blog now. x