Monday, 22 April 2013

My tattoos.

A bit of an unusual post for me today, I'll be walking you though my tattoos. I don't have many, and most of them could use a touch up but I love every single one of them.

Starting from the bottom and working my way up: the ankles.
Left ankle: Penny-Farthing. For no reason other than I find Penny-Farthings incredibly cool. This was my sixth.
Right ankle: Anchor. I need the middle filled in after scratching it during the healing process. My friend who lives in London came along with me and also had an anchor in a different design, so we were "anchored together for life".
It's not wonky, it was the angle of my leg when I took the picture! This was my fifth

This is just to give an idea of how they actually look on my body!
Next: the thigh.

Left Thigh: Bettie Butterfly. She was originally going to be a  taxidermy "pinned and mounted" butterfly, as an ode to The Smiths, but I love her just the way she is now. She's a Blue Morpho butterfly for anyone interested. She's intentionally not entirely symmetrical.  She was the fourth.
And this is where she lives!
Next up: hip.

Left hip: Tragic. Unusual. Alive. The quote was originally "we are unusual and tragic and alive"  from Dave Eggers A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius. I thought it sounded better my way. It's just a commentary on my life. This was my second.
And here's a blurry picture of where it is/how it looks on me.

Next: arm.
Inner right bicep: a quill. I got this as a kind of end point when I finished Uni (my degree is in Drama and English Literature). This was third.

And again, here's how it looks on my body, albiet in the dark.
And finally... round the back.

This is my first tattoo, between my shoulder blades - a rose. I got this because my favourite song is called Rose. It was by my friends band and now all versions of that song have been lost. I'm so gutted, I still know every word to it. It looks patchy, but really I just need to moisturise. It doesn't always look like that, only when my skin is dry.

And here is the positioning and how it looks.
So there we go. That's how my tattoos stand at the moment, I have more planned so I'm sure there will be an updated version of this! In the mean time I may do one on my current/retired piercings!


  1. these are beautiful! I like every singly one of them. I only have one, a chinese dragon I got when I was 18. I'd love to get some more

  2. Ah I love them all, especially the quill! xx

  3. The feather and anchor are my favorites :)