Sunday, 21 April 2013

GlossyBox - April Edition.

Another month, another disappointing GlossyBox.

Unfortunately, I'm a victim of the "no, I could not possibly unsubscribe, if I do that then next month might be brilliant and contain things that are solely on my wish list. Yes, I would be a fool to unsubscribe."

This month I got:
Model Co Cheek and Lips tint or stain or something. I'm yet to try it on my face, but I tried it on my hand and it wasn't the longest lasting.... so I'm sceptical. I'm not writing it off just yet, we will have to see!

Nip & Fab Coconut Latte Dry Skin Body Butter - In the booklet it says the full size retails at £7.95 (I think), but I was in Boots on Saturday and I saw this size on sale for about £3. A little fib on Glossybox's part to make it seem more impressive? Hmm. Maybe.

Sun Sense Daily Face SPF 50 - This is one thing I'm thrilled about. Sun protection is SO important (I have SPF 100 ready to crack open when it hits june) but it could have at least had a screw top. There is more than one use in there, and without a screw top you're not going to be able to take that out with you to top up!

Yves Rocher So Elixir Eau De Perfume - This is adorable, a real mini bottle of perfume instead of a pipet worth! I don't like the smell, but thats just me. This is an appropriate size to be classed as one of the samples, unlike the ones they usually include which would be more suited to a single use free gift than something you've paid money for in my opinion.

Essie Nail Laquer in Nice is Nice - Full size Essie is great, I don't think the colour is very me. I've not tried it yet though so we'll have to wait and see! Prepare for a review in the near future.

Are there any beauty boxes that you would recommend subscribing to in place of GlossyBox?


  1. Everything you said in the first paragraph is totally me last year. I spent the majority of the year getting Glossybox. I think I was happy with a total of 3 of their boxes. I was always so pissed when they had something good and I was always one of the unlucky ones that got the shittty perfume vials and cheapy crap.

  2. I did that initially as well with Glossybox and then decided enough was enough and stopped subscribing last year. Birchbox is my fave one at the moment, each month I'm pretty happy although you do still get the odd perfume samples in there.
    Amarya is another one I subscribe but they can be a hit and miss sometimes.
    Thanks for leaving me your link on the bbloggers chat :)