Monday, 1 April 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum


The promise:

Instant blending gel, flawless complexion, undetectable coverage.

One of the few foundations that has actually blended instantly into my milky white skin and given immediate undetectable coverage. So, on application, it delivers! It promises 16 hour wear (or "16 hour radiance-boosting even, revived complexion" if we're being pedantic) but as I've only put it on this minute, I'll have to update on whether or not that bit rings true when the day is done.

The coverage is pretty sheer, which is perfect for me. I usually don't wear foundation, I don't really think I need it but I had such an adverse reaction to Soap & Glory's Wish Upon A Jar that even now, two weeks after I stopped using it, I'm left with the remains of blemishes, and lots of fresh scarring and red patches. I've bought 3 different foundations and spent the equivalent of my entire food budget for the month on concealer and treatments in the last two weeks alone.

This has definitely evened out my skin tone, and the texture of my skin appears more even too. Plus it seems really fruity, always a bonus. It's controversial I know, but I love a strongly scented product.

The finished product is this:


As I've said, I don't usually wear foundation so I don't know if this actually looks okay or if I just think it does. I think ill be spending a day or two in the near future lost in YouTube tutorials on applying it well.



  1. It looks fab! Your skin looks amazing x

  2. This looks great and so natural!
    Kirsty x