Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Garnier Pure Active 2in1 Tinted Spot Roll-On

I bought a Garnier eye roll on concealer ages ago, and I do use it but I found it wasn't great at concealing under eye circles, but worked well at covering blemishes or imperfections. My only issue with it was that it wasn't medicated so I didn't know if I was doing more harm than good.

That's where this bad boy came in:

I had one before that came free when I bought two faces from the range, bit I picked up the wrong one and got it  in the dark skin tone which just made it look like I had hyper pigmentation patches on random areas of my face, so I gave up and forgot about it, assuming it has been discontinued because I hadn't seen it anywhere since. This week however, I was browsing the medicine and beauty aisles of Tesco's and saw a shelf of them on offer for £5, which I think is about £3 cheaper than they normally are! Hurrah!

I like it because I can't just conceal my spots in the morning and then not think about them all day. I get worried and panicky, and I like to be able to reapply product a hundred million times.

Blended on the right, unblended on the left.
It can get a bit claggy if you apply it on the area around the spot, but it does state on the packaging that it has a drying ingredient so that's to be expected. I've not noticed any miracle improvements, but I will report back if I do!

Sorry about the nails! Pictures were taken on the morning of manicure day so this is a week of wear!
The one issue I have with it is the labelling, it was already peeling off when I took it of the box. The packaging is exactly the same on both so it wouldn't be difficult to confuse them. It doesn't say on the box (or at least I haven't been able to find it) of the spot roll-on to keep away from eyes so it could be fine, but I wouldn't like to chance it!

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  1. I used the Pure Active range for aaages and it did me a world of good. Not used the roll on though but can vouch for the cleansing gel! So glad you swatched this! :)

    Love Zoe x